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Credit Strategies Raises Credit Scores

We educate you on how to raise your credit score, and keep it high, while working with your creditors and the credit bureaus on improving your credit report.

Our clients see an average credit score increase of over 60 points. With our money back guarantee, you have NOTHING TO LOSE.

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Mick Bernard Interviewed on Chamber TV

Mick Bernard, Credit Restoration Expert, is interviewed on the North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce TV.

FICO vs FAKO! Find Out Where To Get Your Real Credit Report

FICO vs FAKO! Find Out Where To Get Your Real Credit Report

Check out our latest video on FICO vs FAKO and find out where to get a copy of your REAL CREDIT SCORE! (hint! It’s on our homepage)

FICO vs FAKO! Find Out How To Get A Real Copy Of Your Credit Score

Get the score professionals see when they are checking your score. You can get your FICO score on our homepage.

It’s Christmas! But What Is Santa To Do With His FICO Score In The Pits?!

Oh No! Santa Needs Some Help With His Low FICO Score!! Learn how Credit Strategies helped him by getting him his true FICO score.

Santa’s Naughty And Nice List of Financial Credit Companies

Who’s been Naughty and Who’s Been Nice? Santa Clause weighs in on finance companies.

Mick Bernard Discusses Social Media

Mick Bernard discusses the new social media trends. Good thing he’s got a good web guy to help him through this mess.

How You Can Benefit From Credit Consulting

Ever wonder if you could benefit from Credit Consulting? Mick Bernard of explains what you can expect and get out of credit consulting. ┬áIf you’re interested, contact us today!

How To Financial Tip: Credit Card Profiling

Mick Bernard of the Scottsdale, AZ credit counseling company Credit Strategies, explains what you can do to avoid credit profiling. These tips can help improve your credit health and are the first step to your financial future.

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Tips for establishing business credit

Mick Bernard of Arizona Credit Repair company Online Credit Strategies Explains why you should establish business credit. Want more Credit Tips? Follow us on twitter.

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