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Credit Strategies Raises Credit Scores

We educate you on how to raise your credit score, and keep it high, while working with your creditors and the credit bureaus on improving your credit report.

Our clients see an average credit score increase of over 60 points. With our money back guarantee, you have NOTHING TO LOSE.

CREDIT INSIDERS: Start Improving Your Credit Now

Common Mistakes That Lower Your Credit Score

• Paying bills late
• Not paying the minimum amount required
• Keeping debt levels too high
• Owning too many credit cards
• Not alerting current or potential creditors if you’ve moved or changed names
• Not periodically checking your credit reports
• Not using your full legal name in financial documents


Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

• Pay your bills on time
• Keep your balance low in relation to your available credit
• Make more than the minimum payment
• Don’t open too many new accounts over a short period of time, especially if you have a short credit history
• Pay off credit card debt rather than moving it around to other cards
• Review your credit report regularly and correct errors


Reasons You Should Care About Your Credit Score

• Decides if you will be approved for credit cards, loans and mortgages
• What interest rate you’ll get on these loans
• The cost of your car insurance
• In some cases, whether you get that job or apartment you’ve been hoping for


Top 5 Credit Myths

• Myth: My score will drop if I check my credit
• Myth: Once I pay off a negative record, it will be removed from my credit report
• Myth: My poor score will be with me forever
• Myth: Paying off my debt will add 50 points to my credit score
• Myth: Closing old accounts will improve my credit score


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