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Jeanne was born and raised in Northern California. In the early 1980's, she and her family relocated to the Pacific Northwest. She has called Scottsdale, Arizona home for the past decade.

She is a founding member of Credit Strategies and knows firsthand the frustration and difficulty of working with the credit bureaus. Jeanne realized in May 2006 that her identity had been stolen the previous year. She is passionate about educating everyone about taking responsibility for monitoring personal credit reporting. Phoenix, Arizona is ranked as Number 1 in identity theft and Jeanne has helped many individuals with the emotional and physical side of dealing with identity theft. Jeanne has been personally affected with inaccurate credit reporting and she knows the frustration of working directly with the credit reporting bureaus.

Jeanne's passion in life is to help people see the value of a good credit score and take responsibility for monitoring personal credit reports. She feels the best way to do this is through credit education.

In her free time, Jeanne enjoys spending time with her husband and family. She enjoys traveling, gardening, sewing and spending time with her girlfriends.

Eric was born and raised in El Paso Texas. He was a multi-sport athlete until he graduated from high school in 1995. In 2004 received his Bachelors in Business from the University of Texas El Paso and lived there until the age of 29 until he relocated to Phoenix Arizona. Eric now resides with his fiancée in Queen Creek, Arizona.

He always believes in giving back to the community especially to young children. Eric has coached youth sports for over ten years. When he is not on the field he enjoys mentoring troubled teens. Many of these teens are parents and still call him to thank him for being there and encouraging them to stay in school.

He finds his success as a professional and individual guiding people in a positive direction. Being bilingual, he educates both English and Spanish speaking communities about the importance of always maintaining a high credit score. As an Ambassador for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce he helps others establish business connections to help them grow their businesses.

A native of New York, Nancy Smith lived much of her young adult life in Albany, New York. She is a graduate of The State University of New York at Albany where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. She was employed as a Registered Nurse at the Albany Medical Center Hospital for 15 years.

Nancy has 2 wonderful daughters who were born in New York. In 1995, she and her family moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. While raising her daughters, Nancy continued to work in the nursing profession as an RN in a doctor's office, a School Nurse and most recently as a Home Health Nurse. She currently resides in Cave Creek, Arizona with her youngest daughter, Katie. Her oldest daughter, Lauren, is living in Tucson and is attending University of Arizona Medical School. Employed as an RN for 30 years, Nancy has helped her patients and their families reach their greatest potential and to live happy and fulfilling lives through improved health and health education.

Nancy's passion in life is to make a difference in the lives of her family and the people around her in some significant way that will offer them the strength and support to live happy, healthy and productive lives. She believes strongly in giving back to her community and is a supporter of Feed the Children, Habitat for Humanity, the Sojourner House and her church in Cave Creek.

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