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At Credit Strategies, our specialty is repairing your credit health. Our goal is to make credit repair as simple a process as possible. This is done by correcting negative items on your credit reports that are hindering your credit score. Correcting these items is the most important thing you can do to improve your credit score. Did you know how the following items effect your credit?

1. Payment History emphasis recent credit activity which determines 35% of your credit score.

2. Delinquent account make up 35% of your credit score. Amounts owed includes: Total amount owed , specific types of accounts (credit cards, installments, etc) , balances, available credit, installment loans.

3. The length that a individual accounts makes up 10% of you credit score. This also includes includes activity on active accounts.

4. Different kinds of financial instruments determines approximately 10% of your credit score. A mixture of account types generally scores better than reports with only revolving accounts, such as credit cards. Types of credit include: Credit cards, installment loans, mortgage loans, finance company accounts retail accounts.

These services determine your credit score, your credit score will fluctuate accordingly. Depending on reliability of payment history, it will be reflected positively on your credit score. Credit strategies wants to re-shape your financial future. Let Credit Strategies help you with your credit repair!

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